Noah Worcester (1758-1837)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Hollis, N.H., 25-11-1758
Death : Brighton, Mass., 31-10-1837
Note :
Pasteur. - Militant pacifiste
Variants of the name : Noé Worcester (1758-1837)
Elias Monitor (1758-1837)
Philo Pacificus (1758-1837)
Pilgrim good-intent (1758-1837)
Philip Melanchton (1758-1837)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0953 5421

Activities of Noah Worcester (1758-1837) (6 resources in

Textual works (6)

Coup d'oeil raisonné sur la guerre, où l'on prouve que la guerre n'est fondée que sur un préjugé devenu populaire, et où l'on propose les moyens de mettre un terme à ce fléau, par Noé Worcester. Traduit de l'anglais
The substance of a pamphlet, entitled a solemn review of the custom of war
A Solemn review of the custom of war, showing that war is the effect of popular delusion and proposing a remedy, by Philo Pacificus. 5th edition
The Friend of peace. No. I -[IX], by Philo Pacificus,...
Bible news, or Sacred truths relating to the Living God, his only son and Holy Spirit, illustrated... in a continued series of letters and inquiries, the 2nd edition corrected and enlarged, by Noah Worcester,...
A Respectful address to the Trinitarian clergy, relating to their manner of treating opponents, by Noah Worcester,...

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