Pertti Hietanen (photographe)

Country : Finlande
Gender : masculin
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 0140 2205

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Passing by. This is a place where the paths of war and civil veterans cross Finlande
The Strongest and most active man usually wins the position of a leader within the gang. [le plus fort et le plus actif occupe habituellement la position de chef dans le groupe] Finlande
Some live in broken-down cars. [certains vivent dans de vieilles carcasses de voitures] Finlande
In this area you do not attract special attention even if you do not happen to have thousers [ne pas avoir de pantalons n'attire pas particulierement d'attention.] Finlande
The Day when assistance allowances are received : a small amount of money and a new set of underclothes. [le jour où ils reçoivent l'assistance : un peu d'argent et des sous-vetements] Finlande
Those who are in a somewhat better position may own so called Leteka bed. He has neither walls nor roof as well Finlande
It is Maundy Thursday. [Jeudi Saint] Finlande
There are men who have a great urge to talk. [ce sont des hommes qui ont un grand besoin de parler.] Finlande
Just the two of us in the world [Seule au monde.] Finlande
On a rainy grey day. [jour de pluie] Finlande
Someone has aug his way to live under the building [certains vivent sous le batiment.] Finlande
The ear is usually private property [La voiture est généralement propriété privée] Finlande
Most men have lice [beaucoup ont des poux] Finlande
There are quiet and withdrawn ones. Finlande
In wintertime especially the Suojapirtti shelter home is too crowded. A bed per night costs three marks. [l'hiver, l'abri est surpeuplé - un lit pour la nuit conte 3 marks] Finlande
Life is ache and pain. [La vie est dure] Finlande
A bucket of water and a piece of soap : it is saturday, the washing-up day. [de l'eau et du savon, c'est samedi, jour de la toilette] Finlande
The Bridge gives shelter against rain and heat in the summer but not against cold winds and the freezing temperature in winter time. [le pont protège de la pluie et du soleil mais non du vent et du froid.] Finlande
Living under these circumstances means being continuously exposed to illness. [dans les conditions ils sont exposés aux maladies] Finlande
Most men's attitude toward the photographer and his camera is honest and open [La plupart de ces hommes ont une attitude franche et ouverte à l'égard du photographe.] Finlande
At a street with much traffic there is a building alongside the walls of which some 20 men spend their nights under plastic covers [une vingtaine d'homme dorment autour de cette maison sous des couvertures de plastique.] Finlande
One summer night. vieille voiture et chaise roulante. Finlande
Even a garbage furnace must do as an overnight shelter. [meme un four plein d'ordure peut servir d'abri] Finlande
For many the bridge is the only regular homestead. [Pour beaucoup, le pont est le seul abri regulier] Finlande
Only drastic measures help to get rid of the lice for some time : burning one's clothes, for example. [Seules des mesures énergiques peuvent venir à bout pour quelques temps des poux : brûler ses vêtements par exemple.] Finlande
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