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  • Tudor monastery farm

    life in rural England 500 years ago

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (278 pages)
    Description : Note : Includes index
    TV tie-in
    Published to accompany the television series entitled Tudor Monastery Farm, first broadcast on BBC Two in October 2013
    Abstract : HISTORY. In a six-part BBC2 series this autumn, popular historians Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn go back to Tudor England to experience work as lay folk on an Abbey Farm. Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn have become familiar faces on BBC2 after their hugely popular and immersive time-travelling experiments, "Victorian, Edwardian" and "Wartime Farm." But for their fourth series, and our accompanying book, they are taking on their biggest challenge yet, going back to Tudor England to endure the harsh realities of working for an Abbey Farm. Peter and Ruth are both trained historians, driven by new research and discovery. They are passionate about bringing period details to life, and they do that for us by comprehensively inhabiting the era for a whole calendar year, using only materials, tools and technology available at the time, to earn their living, celebrate their holidays, clothe and feed themselves and their families
    Édition : London : BBC Books , 2013
    Autre auteur du texte : Ruth Goodman, Thomas Pinfold


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