Robert Bridges (1844-1930)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 23-10-1844
Tod : 21-04-1930
Anmerkung :
Poète. - Ami et éditeur de Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889)
Andere Namen : Robert Seymour Bridges (1844-1930)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1070 6275

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Four hymns
Milton's prosody
The selected letters of Robert Bridges
The Correspondence of Robert Bridges and W. B. Yeats
Collected essays, papers, etc...
Poetical works
Poetical works
In terra pax. Christmas scene for soprano and baritone soli, chorus, strings, harp and cymbal, or full orchestra. Words by Robert Bridges and from St Luke II 8-14. Music by Gerald Finzi. [Réduction pour chant et piano]
Collected essays, papers...
Collected essays, papers...
Collected essays, papers...
Three friends
Collected essays, papers...
A Choral fantasia... for soprano solo (or semi-chorus), chorus, organ, strings, brass and percussion. Poem by Robert Bridges. Music by Gustav Holst. Op. 51. With a German, translation by Margarete Mohrhenn.... [Réduction chant et piano]
The Testament of beauty, a poem in 4 books, by Robert Bridges
Collected essays, papers...
A Critical introduction to Keats
Collected essays papers of Robert Bridges
Collected essays, papers etc. of Robert Bridges...
English handwriting continued from tract XXIII... Edited by Robert Bridges, with notes on penmanship by Alfred Fairbank
Collected essays, papers...
Nightingales. , (Robert Bridges.), Chant et piano
The Dialectal words in Blunden's poems etc. by Robert Bridges
Milton's Prosody, with a chapter on accentual verse, notes by Robert Bridges
On English Homophones, by Robert Bridges
The Spirit
Milton's prosody
Ode for the bicentenary commemoration of Henry Purcell
Poetical works of Robert Bridges...
Pronunciation of clothes etc.. - [1]

Auteur ou responsable intellectuel (2)

A Passer , by (Robert Bridges), . Chant et piano
O gladsome light, o Grace. - [4]

Éditeur scientifique (2)

The Language of anatomy...
Hymns. The Yattendon hymnal, edited by Robert Bridges and H. Ellis Wooldridge

Auteur de lettres (1)

Bridges, Robert (NAF 28403 (166))

Traducteur (1)

Hymns. The Yattendon hymnal, edited by Robert Bridges and H. Ellis Wooldridge

Préfacier (1)

English vowel-sounds, by W. A. Aikin, with an introduction by Robert Bridges. H. W. Fowler. On "Ing", a reply to Dr. Jespersen's paper in tract XXV

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Robert Bridges
Robert Bridges
The selected letters of Robert Bridges
In the classic mode

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