John Stockdale (1750-1814)

Land : Grande-Bretagne
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 25-03-1750
Tod : 21-06-1814
Geschäftsbetrieb : Imprimeur libraire
Anmerkung :
Libraire. - Natif de Cotbeck (?)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 7971 1825

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Notes relative to the peace concluded between the British Government and the Marhatta chieftains, and to the various questions arising out of the terms of the pacification
Notes relative to the late transactions in the Marhatta empire : Fort William, December 15, 1803. [-Appendix to the Notes relative to the late transactions in the Marhatta empire.]
Analyse sur la justice du commerce du rachat des esclaves de la côte d'Afrique
An exposure of the domestic and foreign attempts to destroy the British constitution, upon the new doctrines recommended
A Brief examination into the increase of the revenue, commerce, and navigation, of Great Britain, since the conclusion of the peace in 1783
On Slavery and the Slave Trade
Discoveries of the French in 1768 and 1769, to the South-East of New Guinea... To which is prefixed, an historical abridgement of the voyages and discoveries of the spaniards in the same seas. By M.***, formerly a captain in the French navy...
The Speech of sir William Young, Bart. delivered in Parliament on the subject of the slave-trade, april 19, 1791
A collection of treaties between Great Britain and other powers
Doubts on the abolition of the slave trade
A Voyage round the world ; but more particularly to the North-West coast of America : performed in 1785, 1786, 1787 and 1788, in the King George and Queen Charlotte, captains Portlock and Dixon
The Debate on the subject of a regency, in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, December :16, 1788: +sixteenth, seventeen hundred and eighty eight+
The history of Sandford and Merton
The Beauties of the British senate
Debates in the House of Commons, from Monday the 12th to Friday the 16th of January, 1784
The extraordinary case, and perfect cure, of the gout, by the use of hemlock and wolfsbane
The Ring # a novel # in a series of letters
A letter to the right honourable Charles James Fox, one of His Majesty's principal secretary of state
The Constitutions of the several independent states of America
An essay on the physical, moral and political reformation of the Jews

Éditeur scientifique (9)

(A General Map of the Empire of Germany, Holland, the Netherlands, Switzerland...
A Description of the country from thirty to forty miles round Manchester... by J. Aikin,...
Voyage du gouverneur Phillip à Botany-Bay
The Voyage of Governor Philip to Botany Bay
The Voyage of Governor Philip to Botany Bay
The Works... Vol. XII [-XIV]
Stockdale's edition of Shakespeare including, in one volume, the whole of his dramatic works, with explanatory notes compiled from various commentators...
Stockdale's New companion to the London calendar, or Court and City register for the year 1785, being a list of all the changes in administration from the accession of the present King in October 1760...
The London calendar, or Court and City register for England, Scotland, Ireland and America, for the year 1785...

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A map of the Island of St. Domingo
Amsterdam. - A plan of the city of Amsterdam

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Books published by John Stockdale, Piccadilly.

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Stockdale's new companion to the London calendar, or court and city register for the year. - 1785

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'Tis treason, my good man!

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