Serge Lang (1927-2005)

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Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 1927
Tod : Berkeley (Calif.), 12-09-2005
Anmerkung :
Mathématicien. - Professeur, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2032 2910

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The heat kernel and theta inversion on SL₂(C)
Undergraduate algebra
Posn(R) and Eisenstein series
Short calculus
Introduction to differentiable manifolds
Spherical inversion on SLn(R)
Collected papers Volume V
Collected papers Volume I
Collected papers Volume IV
Collected papers Volume II
Collected papers
Collected papers Volume III
Complex analysis
Math talks for undergraduates
Fundamentals of differential geometry...
Undergraduate algebra
Undergraduate analysis
Topics in cohomology of groups
Topics in cohomology of groups
Differential and Riemannian manifolds
Explicit formulas for regularized products and series
Algebraic number theory
Basic analysis of regularized series and products
Real and functional analysis
Basic analysis of regularized series and products
Complex analysis...
Topics in Nevanlinna theory
Topics in Nevanlinna theory
Cyclotomic fields I and II
Complex analysis
Introduction to Arakelov theory
Elliptic functions
Introduction to complex hyperbolic spaces
Algebraic number theory
Differential manifolds
SL2 (R)
The beauty of doing mathematics
Riemann-Roch algebras
Serge Lang, des jeunes et des maths
Serge Lang fait des maths en public
Abelian varieties
Complex multiplication
Fundamentals of diophantine geometry
Introduction to algebraic and abelian functions
Modular units
The file
Elliptic curves, diophantine analysis
Analyse réelle
Les Cours de Serge Lang...
Introduction to modular forms
Structures algébriques
Algèbre linéaire...
Introduction aux variétés différentiables

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Number theory III
Emil Artin
The Collected papers

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Number theory, analysis and geometry

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