Edward Ravenscroft (dramaturge, 16..-17..?)

Bildung aus Gallica über Edward Ravenscroft (dramaturge, 16..-17..?)
Land : Grande-Bretagne
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 16..
Tod : 17..
Anmerkung :
Dramaturge. - Actif de 1659 à 1697
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2330 9420

Activities of Edward Ravenscroft (dramaturge, 16..-17..?) (15)

Auteur du texte (14)

Titus Andronicus, or the Rape of Lavinia
The Anatomist or The Sham doctor, a farce...
The London-cuckolds, a comedy, as it is now acted at both theatres. By Edward Ravenscroft,...
The Anatomist, or the Sham-doctor...
The Anatomist, or the Sham-Doctor, written by Mr. Ravenscroft. With the Loves of Mars and Venus, a play set to musick, written by Mr. Motteux...
The Italian husband, a tragedy...
The London cuckolds, a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal. By Edward Ravenscroft,...
The London cuckolds. A comedy; as it is acted at the Dukes Theatre. By Edward Ravenscroft,...
The Canterbury Guests, or a Bargain broken. - [5]
My wife has a tongue as good as e'er twang'd. - [14]
The Canterbury guests. - [5]
The English lawyer. - [14]
Titus Andronicus, or the rape of Lavinia. - Edward Ravenscroft. - [1]
The English lawyer. - [12]

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