American Council on Public Affairs

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Gründung : 1938
Andere Namen : American Council on Public Affairs. Washington

Activities of American Council on Public Affairs (12)

Éditeur scientifique (12)

Hitler's words : two decades of National Socialism, 1923-1943
Public rural electrification, by Frederick William Muller... [A dissertation.]
Hitler's words
Monetary reform movements, recent plans and panaceas, a part of a dissertation... by Joseph Edwin Reeve
Randolph Bourne, by Louis Filler. Introduction by Max Lerner... [A dissertation.]
New firms and free enterprise, pre-war and post-war aspects, by Alfred Richard Oxenfeldt. Introduction by John M. Clark... [A dissertation.]
The Labor legislation of New Jersey, by Philip Charles Newman. Foreword by Charles A. Beard... [A dissertation.]
Soil exhaustion and the civil war
America's struggle for free schools social tension and education in New England and New York, 1827-42, by Sidney Louis Jackson... [A dissertation 1942.]
Liberty and learning, the activities of the American civil liberties Union in behalf of freedom of education
The American ballot, by Spencer D. Albright. Foreword by O. Douglas Weeks
Honorary degrees, a survey of their use and abuse, by Stephen Edward Epler... [A dissertation.]

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