Otto Struve (1897-1963)

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Language : anglais, russe
Gender : masculin
Birth : Kharkov, Russie, 12-08-1897
Death : Berkeley, Calif., 06-04-1963
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0882 6788

Activities of Otto Struve (1897-1963) (7)

Auteur du texte (6)

The Universe
The Astronomical universe, by Otto Struve,... [Preface by L. S. Cressman.]
Stellar evolution, an exploration from the observatory, by Otto Struve
Interstellar calcium, by Otto Struve
Physical properties of a gaseous substratum in the galaxy, by B. P. Gerasimovič and O. Struve [May 1928]
Radial velocities of 500 stars of spectral class A, by Edwin B. Frost, Storrs B. Barrett and Otto Struve

Éditeur scientifique (1)

Astrophysical monographs... edited by Henry G. Gale,... Frederick H. Scares,... Otto Struve,... [1-3.]

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