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Country : Maurice
Language : anglais
Note :
Ancienne possession française sous le nom d'Ile de France (1715-1814), devenue anglaise après le traité de Paris. Etat indépendant depuis le 12 mars 1968, République proclamée le 12 mars 1992 ; capitale : Port-Louis
Variants of the name : Ile Maurice
Maurice (Ile)
Maurice (République)

Activities of Maurice (101)

Auteur du texte (89)

The Income tax act
The Companies act
The constitution of the Republic of Mauritius
Subsidiary legislation of Mauritius 1988
5-year plan for social and economic development, 1975-1980
Considerations on the medium and long term development of cane sugar factories in Mauritius
A Programme for restructuring the sugar sector
Visit of His Excellency Giani Zail Singh, President of the Republic of India, Monday, 22nd October to Saturday, 27th October 1984
Findings of the Commission set up to inquire into allegations contained in the Newspaper l'Express of the 30th October 1983
Commission of enquiry report on the recruitment of Community service workers
Mauritius : the public sector investment programme 1983-84 - 1985-86
Labour laws of Mauritius
White paper on agricultural diversification
Code civil
Codes annotés de l'île Maurice
White paper on rice and flour
Revised laws of Mauritius
White paper on sales tax
Report on anomaly claims in respect of para-statal bodies and local authorities of the second Sidambaram committee
Sidambaram report on anomalies and re-alignement of salaries and conditions of service in respect of para-statal bodies and local authorities
The Customs tariff act 1969, as subsequently amended
Chesworth report...
Chesworth report
Chesworth report on anomalies
Chesworth report on anomalies...
Mauritius who's and what's
The National pension scheme
Report of Professor Brian Abel-Smith and Mr. Tony Lynes on a National pension scheme for Mauritius
The Rose Belle accident, 1975
Esquisse de l'agriculture mauricienne
A Treatise
Speech by her Majesty the Queen at the opening of the sixth session of the third Legislative assembly of Mauritius on 24th March 1972
Visite officielle [10-16 mars 1971] de S.E.M. Jacques Rabemananjara à l'île Maurice à l'occasion du IIIe anniversaire de son indépendance
4-Year plan for social and economic development 1971-1975 1
4-Year plan for social and economic development 1971-1975
4-Year plan for social and economic development 1971-1975 2
A Consolided version of the Income tax ordinance 1950 with amendments to April 1970
Government House Port Louis and Le Réduit
Public officers' agreement between Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom and the Government of Mauritius
Press guide
The Police service commission regulations, 1967
Colony of Mauritius. Damage by tropical cyclones to forest plantations
The Public service commission regulations
The By-laws of the co-operative stores society limited
Colony of Mauritius. Information as to the conditions and cost of living in the colonial territories
Colony of Mauritius. Overseas service aid scheme Mauritius
The Plaines Wilhems and Black River district council's and village councils'. Standing rules and orders
Les Constitutions de l'Ile Maurice
Colony of Mauritius. The Co-operative societies ordinance and rules as amended to March, 1962
Stores orders. 1962
Mauritius. An Anthology for administrative officers
General orders... 2
General orders...
A Consolidated version of the Income Tax Ordinance 1950
Correspondence with the Secretary of State regarding a social insurance scheme for Mauritius. [1958, october 29-1959, February 4.]
Requirements for registration of secondary schools
Group of posts appearing in the 1959-60 estimates with the scales attached thereto
Opportunities for doctors in the Mauritius public service
The By-laws of the... cooperative credit society made under rule 78 of 1947. Ordonnance N° 51 of 1945
Visit of Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret. Programme. 1956
Visit of Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret. Notes on itinerary. 1956
Model rules for a trade association
Cyclone handbook
National income and the budget, designed to illustrate the statement of the financial secretary on the draft estimates of revenue and expenditure for 1955-56
The Honourable the Colonial Secretary
The Highway code
Extracts from colonial regulations, parts I and II, general orders, financial, stores and establishment. [In force on the Ist October, 1955.]
Le Code de la route
Report on the working of Whitley Councils, by W. J. Haimes. [17th November, 1950.]
Address by the officer administering the Government at the opening of the second session of the second Legislative council of Mauritius on the 23. February 1954
[Accord commercial. 1954.] Agreement between the Government of Mauritius and the Government of the Union of Burma... for the supply of rice during the years 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957
Cyclone handbook
Mauritius archives ordinance (N°. 71 of 1952)
White paper on the Trade unions bill and trade disputes bill. [31. January 1953.]
Trial of offences under certain sections of the penal code
Almanach de l'île Maurice pour l'année 1837
Almanach de l'île Maurice pour l'année 1837
Recueil des lois publiées à Maurice depuis la dissolution de l'Assemblée coloniale le 1803, sous le gouvernement du general Decaen ; jusques a la fin de l'adminsitration de Son Exc. Sir R. T. Farquhar, en 1823.
Tariff of customs and harbour dues. Mauritius, 1898
La Nouvelle constitution. Guide du citoyen
The Freeport act. - [1]
Report of minutes proceedings of the committee appointed for the purpose of inquiring into the desirability of conducting the proceedings and pleadings before the Supreme court either in French or in English. - [1]
The Mauritius offshore business activities act. - [3]
Colony of Mauritius. Meteorological observations and climatological summaries
S. M. la reine mère Elizabeth au jardin des pamplemousses. 8 mars 1958
The Offshore trusts act. - [2]
Souvenir de l'indépendance de l'île Maurice. 12 mars 1968. Pro secretary H.T.C. Bala Sooriah. Quatre-Bornes
The Stock exchange act. - [4]
General orders establishment...

Éditeur scientifique (12)

Industrial dispute between Tyre retreading factories workers' union and Retreaders Ltd.
A History of the Mauritius government railways
Notes on stores procedure
Final report on the possibilities of irrigation in Mauritius, by G. M. Harriott,... 1st December, 1914. Volume... Reprinted...
A School of geography of Mauritius
A Supplement (1951-1955) to the Mauritius digest, by Gérard Lalouette,...
Technical education in Mauritius
A school geography of Mauritius
Report on the treatment of offenders in Mauritius for ...
Mahé de La Bourdonnais
Rapport du Dr P. E. Lubet sur l'ostréiculture à Maurice

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