Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Newark, N. J., 03-06-1926
Death : Manhattan, N. Y., 05-04-1997
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0931 2869

Activities of Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) (176)

Voix parlée (26)

Allen Ginsberg reads Kaddish
Hydrogen jukebox
Allen Ginsberg with R. D. Laing
Howl and other poems
Fried shoes, cooked diamonds
The dial-a-poems poets
Allen Ginsberg reads Kaddish
Interview with Allen Ginsberg. - [1]
In the back of the real. - [13]
Kaddish. - [16]
May 22 1962 Calcutta. - [38]
Patna-Benares express. - [37]
Punk rock, Old pond. - [15]
Strange new cottage in Berkeley. - [14]
The sunflower sutra. - [17]
A supermarket in California. - [10]
Transcription of organ music. - [11]
Voix d'Allen Ginsberg. - [19]
Allen Ginsberg. - [21]
Wholly communion. - [1]
America. - [12]
Europe, Europe. - [15]
Footnote to howl. - [9]
Guns of the trees. - Jonas Mekas, réal., scénario. - [1]
Howl. - Lee Hyla, comp. . - [4]
Howl. - [8]

Chant (7)

First blues
First blues
Allen Ginsberg with R. D. Laing
Fried shoes, cooked diamonds
Songs of innocence and experience
Rhumba multikulti. - [11]

Acteur (3)

Pull my daisy. - Robert Frank, Alfred Leslie, réal.. - [1]
Underground New York. - Gideon Bachmann, réal.. - [2]

Auteur de l'envoi (1)

Improvised poetics

Percussions (1)

First blues

Harmonium (1)


Orgue électronique (1)

First blues

Compositeur (1)

Two evenings with Allen Ginsberg Vol.1

Illustrateur (1)

Journaux indiens

Autre (1)

Le Camé

Photographe (1)

Beat & pieces

Documents about Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) (73)

Livres (67)

First thought
Une voix dans le supermarché
Souvenirs de la Beat generation
I greet you at the beginning of a great career
Lettres choisies
Journal, 1952-1962
Journaux indiens
Beat hotel
Beat memories
Kerouac ascending
Les lettres du Yage
The selected letters of Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder
The letters of Allen Ginsberg
Lettres du yagé
Lettres de Tanger à Allen Ginsberg
Allen Ginsberg's Buddhist poetics
Allen Ginsberg
Howl on trial
I celebrate myself
The book of martyrdom and artifice
Allen Ginsberg
Allen Ginsberg
Sur ma route
The late great Allen Ginsberg
This is the Beat Generation
The bop apocalypse
Family business
This is the Beat Generation
The Beat Hotel
The poetry and life of Allen Ginsberg
Strange prophecies anew
Sur ma route
Allen Ginsberg
Hurler de joie
Screaming with joy
Allen Ginsberg in America
Hommage à Allen Ginsberg
Indian journals, March 1962-May 1963
Journals mid-fifties, 1954-1958
The response to Allen Ginsberg, 1926-1994
The works of Allen Ginsberg
Journaux indiens
Composed on the tongue
Dharma lion
Off the road
Americana 3
Allen Ginsberg & la Beat Generation 89
Allen Ginsberg
On the poetry of Allen Ginsberg
Journaux indiens
Great poets howl
Allen Ginsberg
Studies of Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath and Robert Lowell
A Revolution in taste
The Visionary poetics of Allen Ginsberg
As ever
Naked angels
Chicago trial testimony
A Bibliography of works by Allen Ginsberg
The Yage letters

Films, vidéos (3)

Scenes from Allen's last three days on earth as a spirit
A poet on the Lower East Side
"No more to say & nothing to weep for"

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[Allen Ginsberg]
[Recueil. Archives photographiques sur New-York (Harlem, manifestations, scènesde rue, jazz), l'enterrement de Palmiro Togliatti en Italie et sur la Sardaigne]

Documents d'archives et manuscrits (catalogue général) (1)

Recueil biographique sur divers poètes dont le nom commence par les lettres F et G

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