Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Brighton, GB, 19-08-1900
Death : Oxford, GB, 06-10-1976
Note :
Philosophe. - Professeur de philosophie métaphysique à Oxford (1945-1968), éditorialiste de la revue "Mind" (1947-1971)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0866 5160

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The concept of mind
Collected papers
La notion d'esprit
Correspondence with Gilbert Ryle. - R. G. Collingwood. - [1]
L'itinéraire de Platon
Plato's progress
Aspects of mind
Aspects of mind
Collected papers
La notion d'esprit
La Notion d'esprit
Contemporary aspects of philosophy with Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976) as Éditeur scientifique
Collected papers
Phänomenologie und Sprachanalyse with Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976) as Collaborateur
Proceedings with Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976) as Éditeur scientifique
Studies in the philosophy of thought and action
Plato's progress
The Revolution in philosophy... Introduction by Gilbert Ryle with Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976) as Préfacier
Dilemmas... by Gilbert Ryle
The Concept of mind
The concept of mind
Philosophical arguments, an inaugural lecture... University of Oxford, 30 October 1945, by Gilbert Ryle,...

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Know-how as competence
Linguaggio e filosofia in Gilbert Ryle
Scritti su Gilbert Ryle e la filosofia analitica
The concept of intelligence
Gilbert Ryle
A semiotic reconstruction of Ryle's critic of Cartesianism
Lire Ryle aujourd'hui
The Metaphysics of mind
Filosofia e analisi in Gilbert Ryle
Gilbert Ryle

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