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Topic : Cognition
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Field : Psychologie
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L'accès aux noms propres

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Changer et changer le monde
Sciences cognitives
Le cercle créatif dans l'entreprise

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Language in mind
Penser en algorithmes
Cognitive History
Nous sommes tous des femmes savantes
The essential Tversky
Bodies and other objects
New Insights into the language and cognition interface
Invariances in human information processing
Extended epistemology
The psychological and cultural foundations of East Asian cognition
Crédulité & rumeurs
Paradigmen des Entwicklungsdenkens
Votre cerveau au bureau
Virtue, Happiness, Knowledge
Processi cognitivi, motivazione e apprendimento
Ce que connaît le nourrisson
The Wiley handbook on the aging mind and brain
L'erreur est humaine
L'empire des croyances
Growing minds
Knowing emotions
Purpose and cognition
Ce nouveau-né qui est en nous
Explorations of consciousness in contemporary fiction
Prinzip Schönheit
Extended cognition and the dynamics of algorithmic skills
Social cognition
The cognitive aspects of aesthetic experience
Invisible mind
The sequential imperative
Human and animal cognition in early modern philosophy and medicine
Growing old with two languages
Rethinking culture
La philosophie du hasard ou La rétroaction cognitive
The language of thought in late medieval philosophy
Environments of intelligence
The rationality quotient
Phenomenology of thinking
From individual to plural agency Volume 1
Good in virtue of
Figuration, Anschauung, Erkenntnis
Philosophy of mind and phenomenology
On being and cognition
Structural intuitions
The language animal
Selbst und soziale Kognition
Philosophical and empirical approaches to psychology
Attention, perception and action
Development of perception in infancy
Homo prospectus
Creating language
Cognitive unconscious and human rationality
Cognitive pluralism
Successful emotions
Mathematical models of perception and cognition
Contextualizing human memory
The mathematical brain across the lifespan
The neurobiology of cognition and behavior
Analysis of the cognitive interview in questionnaire design
Epistemic cognition and development
Intentionality, cognition, and mental representation in medieval philosophy
Aging and decision making
Comparative cognition
Cognitive modeling in perception and memory
Cognitive enhancement
Cognitive complications
Aging and decision making
An introduction to model-based cognitive neuroscience
Rhythm in cognition and grammar
Neurotransmitter interactions and cognitive function
Pain, emotion, and cognition
The shape of thought
Cognitive informatics for biomedicine
The Wiley handbook on the cognitive neuroscience of addiction
A theory of the microdynamics of occurrent thought
Fixing reference
Handbook on the neuropsychology of epilepsy
Advances in cognitive neurodynamics (IV)
Recent progress in brain and cognitive engineering
Cognition, intelligence, and achievement
Aberrant beliefs and reasoning
Cognition, intelligence, and achievement
The aging mind
How creativity happens in the brain
Cognitive electrophysiology of attention
Brain, mind and Internet
A new foundation for representation in cognitive and brain science
La complessità della memoria
Kognition bei Menschen und Tieren
After phrenology
The feeling body
Actual consciousness
Die Wiege des Denkens
Psychologie, Genese einer Wissenschaft
"Ulysses" and the poetics of cognition
La construction des premières connaissances
L'intelligence de mon bébé en 50 questions
Kognition, Parsen und rationale Erklärung
Foundations of augmented cognition
Health and cognition in old age
From Animals to Robots and Back
Psychische Funktionen
Dimensionality of the perceptual space of achromatic surface colors
Teaching and measuring cognitive readiness
Behavior genetics of cognition across the lifespan
Cognitive informatics in health and biomedicine
Unifying the mind
Social cognition and communication
Sensation and perception
Diet and exercise in cognitive function and neurological diseases
A natural history of human thinking
Cognitive interviewing methodology
Reading fictions, changing minds
Unlocking the brain
The conscious mind
From animals to robots and back
A cognitive approach to John Donne's "Songs and sonnets"
Esthétique & cognition
Cognition through understanding
Minding the social brain
Origins of mind
Cognitive screening instruments
Vygotsky philosophy and education
The long evolution of brains and minds
Le cerveau et la pensée
Musical implications
Towards a theoretical neuroscience
Tuning the self
Croyances et imaginaires contemporains
Human factors in the healthcare setting
Affektive und kognitive Neurowissenschaft
Social cognition
Capire il mondo
The cognitive-emotional brain
Le problème du problème
Votre cerveau au bureau
Perception and cognition in language and culture
Cognition and motivation
Lern- und Gedächtnispsychologie
Perception and the internal senses
The Oxford handbook of social cognition
Memory, language, and bilingualism
Advances in cognitive neurodynamics (III)
Zjitřená mysl a kouzelný svět
Integrating face and voice in person perception
La nature de l'art
Nurturing the older brain and mind
Poetry of attention in the eighteenth century
Children's discovery of the active mind
The mystical science of the soul
Cognitive behavioural systems
Cultural semantics and social cognition
Studies in linguistics and cognition
Sex differences in cognitive abilities
Affektive Reize I
Brain aging and therapeutic interventions
Personality, cognition, and emotion
Verbal minds
From DNA to social cognition
Neural basis of motivational and cognitive control
Do apes read minds?
Cognitive psychology
Thinking and reasoning
Psychology of memory
Developments in primate gesture research
Cartografie del sapere
Neuroscienze dell'attività motoria
Quantum models of cognition and decision
The happiness of pursuit
Emotion and cognitive life in Medieval and early modern philosophy
Sensory perception
Emotion-oriented systems
The self illusion
Des substitutions comme principe de la pensée
Links between beliefs and cognitive flexibility
Advances in cognitive neurodynamics (II)
Foundations of augmented cognition
Seeking chances
Knowledge in formation
Interdisciplinary anthropology
Enhancing cognitive fitness in adults
Embodied cognition
Language and bilingual cognition
Applications of nonlinear dynamics to developmental process modeling
L'homme cognitif
Le cerveau et la pensée
Test du cadran de l'horloge
On certainty
The conventionality of figurative language
L'emergere della biologia della cognizione
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