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Enzimi (italien)
Ferments solubles

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Directed evolution of selective enzymes
Simulating enzyme reactivity
Insights into enzyme mechanisms and functions from experimental and computational methods
Green biocatalysis
Marine Enzymes Biotechnology
Marine enzymes biotechnology Part II
Peptide, protein and enzyme design
Functionalized redox systems
Improving and tailoring enzymes for food quality and functionality
How enzymes work
Large-Scale Quantum-Mechanical Enzymology
Fundamentals of protein structure and function
Introduction to Enzymology
Xylanolytic enzymes
Enzymatic fuel cells
Cascade Biocatalysis
Experiments in the purification and characterization of enzymes
Obesity and breast cancer
The Status of Enzymes and Hormones in Therapy
Enzyme technologies
Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Studies of Dinuclear Metallohydrolases and Their Biomimetic Complexes
Chemistry and Methods of Enzymes
Cell-wide metabolic alterations associated with malignancy
Advances in enzyme biotechnology
Problem solving in enzyme biocatalysis
Practical methods for biocatalysis and biotransformations 2
Introduction to enzyme and coenzyme chemistry
Redox biocatalysis
Chirality in biological nanospaces
Structural and mechanistic enzymology
Enzyme catalysis in organic synthesis
Activation and detoxification enzymes
Biocatalysis for green chemistry and chemical process development
Numerical methods for the life scientist
Advances in enzymology and related areas of molecular biology
Kinetics of enzyme action
Enzymatic polymerisation
Enzymes in fruit and vegetable processing
Natural products via enzymatic reactions
Biocatalysis based on heme peroxidases
Molecular and cellular enzymology
Biocatalysis and biomolecular engineering
Enzyme technologies
Modern biocatalysis
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology
Quantum tunnelling in enzyme-catalysed reactions
Metal-carbon bonds in enzymes and cofactors
From enzyme models to model enzymes
Multi-scale quantum models for biocatalysis
Biochimie structurale, enzymologie générale
Enzyme biocatalysis
Asymmetric organic synthesis with enzymes
Polymer biocatalysis and biomaterials II
Organic synthesis with enzymes in non-aqueous media
Allosteric regulatory enzymes
Future directions in biocatalysis
Industrial application of enzymes on carbohydrate-based material
Industrial enzymes
L'activité photoenzymatique Tome I
Biocatalysis in oil refining
Future directions in biocatalysis
Industrial enzymes
Fundamentals of enzymology
Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of polymers
Histone deacetylases
Advances in Biomedical Engineering
Artificial enzymes
The enigma of ferment
Phase II conjugation enzymes and transport systems
Biotransformations in organic chemistry
Chromatin and chromatin remodeling enzymes Part C
Chromatin and chromatin remodeling enzymes Part B
Chromatin and chromatin remodeling enzymes Part A
Enzyme functionality
Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular biology
Handbook of food enzymology
Enzyme systems that metabolise drugs and other xenobiotics
The organic chemistry of enzyme-catalyzed reactions
Enzymes in the environment
Enzyme catalysis in organic synthesis
The organic chemistry of enzyme-catalyzed reactions
Methods for affinity-based separations of enzymes and proteins
Biochimie structurale, enzymologie générale
The enzyme reference
Extracellular enzyme activity and polymer degradation in microbial nitrogen transformations
Hyperthermophilic enzymes Part B
Les enzymes, biocatalyseurs protéiques
Hyperthermophilic Enzymes
Protein lipidation
Enzymes in farm animal nutrition
Springer handbook of enzymes
Hyperthermophilic enzymes Part A
Hyperthermophilic enzymes Part C
Seafood enzymes
Stereoselective biocatalysis
Proteins, enzymes, genes
LFRA ingredients handbook
Structure and mechanism in protein science
S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferases
Stability and stabilization of biocatalysts
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Comprehensive biological catalysis
Industrial enzymes and their applications
Enzyme chemistry
Cell structure and signaling
Cell-surface peptidases in health and disease
Bioorganic Chemistry Deoxysugars, Polyketides and Related Classes
Les enzymes
Selection in natural populations
Source book of enzymes
Biochimie structurale, enzymologie générale
Enzymology primer for recombinant DNA technology
Chemical modification of enzymes
Enzymatic reactions in organic media
Enzymes and proteins from hyperthermophilic microorganisms
Bioorganic chemistry
Protéines, enzymologie
Understanding enzymes
Réactions organiques et enzymatiques
Food enzymes
Analysis of enzyme kinetic data
Enzymology in vivo
Enzymes in synthetic organic chemistry
Stability and stabilization of enzymes
Stability and stabilization of enzymes
Enzymes of molecular biology
Vocabulaire du génie enzymatique
Enzymes and Products from Bacteria Fungi and Plant Cells
Inducible plant proteins
Chimie fine Tome 2
Enzyme nomenclature 1992
Biocatalysts in organic synthesis
Phospholipid biosynthesis
Enzyme nomenclature
Mechanisms of catalysis
Computer modeling of chemical reactions in enzymes and solutions
Enzymes in carbohydrate synthesis
Genetically-engineered proteins and enzymes from yeasts
Les spécificités enzymatiques
Food enzymology
The enzymes 19, 20
Enzymes of primary metabolism
Guide to protein purification
Enzyme chemistry
A study of enzymes Volume II
The enzyme catalysis process
Fundamentals of enzymology
Allosteric enzymes
Neuroendocrine peptide methodology
Branched-chain amino acids
Environmental influences and recognition in enzyme chemistry
Mechanistic principles of enzyme activity
Enzyme Studies
Biocatalysis in organic media
Hydrolytic enzymes
Evolution of catalytic function
Enzymes in industry and medicine
Catalysis in chemistry and enzymology
The chemistry of enzyme action
Metabolism of aromatic amino acids and amines
Enzyme technology
Enzyme structure Part K
Enzymes of lipid metabolism II
Enzyme structure K
Enzyme structure Part L
Biocatalysts in organic syntheses
Manganese in metabolism and enzyme function
Glutamate, glutamine, glutathione, and related compounds
Reconstitutions of transporters, receptors, and pathological states
Organized multienzyme systems
Modulation by covalent modification
Molecular architecture of proteins and enzymes
Enzyme structure Part J
Molecular architecture of proteins and enzymes
Enzyme structure and mechanism
Enzyme nomenclature
Chitin, chitosan, and related enzymes
Enzyme catalysis and control
Oxygen radicals in biological systems
Supramolecular enzyme organization
Posttranslational modifications
The chemistry of enzyme action
Enzyme purification and related techniques Part C
Les Enzymes
L'Évolution des protéines
Enzyme structure Part I
Multiple forms of enzymes
Complex carbohydrates, part D
Prostaglandins and arachidonate metabolites
Enzyme kinetics and mechanism C.
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Expérimentons sur les enzymes
Structure et fonction des enzymes
Introduction à l'étude des enzymes
Les enzymes
Les enzymes en industrie laitière

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