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Topic : Métaux
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Field : Chimie
Variant subject headings : Matériaux métalliques
Metalli (italien)

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Earth wars
Carte E. G. P. Fonderies de métaux non ferreux
Imperial Institut map of the chief sources of metal in the British Empire, with diagrams of production for 1918
Canada. Department of Mines... Map 171 A. Road Metals Deposits in Essex County... in Kent County, Ontario. Scale of Miles 10 [=Om. 064 ; 1 : 250 000 ]
Carte figurative des transports de minerai, de fonte et de fer entre Besançon et Belfort, sur les routes de l'Ognon et du Doubs dressée

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La coupe des métaux

Documents multimédia (2)

Métaux non ferreux, aluminium, cuivre, nuances
Les métaux

Films, vidéos (9)

Les feux de métaux
Les métaux
Les métaux et leurs alliages
Métaux et alliages non ferreux
Les métaux et leurs alliages
Un alliage, des métaux
Des phénomènes et des hommes 5
Structure des métaux et alliages

Livres (406)

Physico-chimie des matériaux métalliques
Étude des métaux et des alliages
Microbiology for minerals, metals, materials and the environment
The history of metals in America
Direct synthesis of metal complexes
Trace metals in the environment and living organisms
Le chasseur d'atomes
Rare earth elements in human and environmental health
Metal chelation in medicine
Matériaux métalliques
Soulless matter, seats of energy
Novel functional magnetic materials
Materials processing fundamentals
Characterization of minerals, metals, and materials 2015
Étude des métaux et des alliages
Determination of metals in natural waters, sediments and soils
Étude des métaux et des alliages
Corrosion des matériaux métalliques
Patine des métaux
Corrosion failures
Microbiology for minerals, metals, materials and the environment
Handbook on the toxicology of metals
Fundamentals of creep in metals and alloys
The welding engineer's guide to fracture and fatigue
Surface coating and modification of metallic biomaterials
Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloys 2014
Advances in organometallic chemistry Volume 62
Porous materials
Binding, transport and storage of metal ions in biological cells
Metal-on-metal bearings
Critical metals handbook
La Fucina di Vulcano
Creation of new metal nanoparticles and their hydrogen-storage and catalytic properties
Inorganic chemical biology
Microbial metal respiration
Metal failures
Metal-based neurodegeneration
Metallomics and the cell
Forgerons, élites et voyageurs d'Homère à nos jours
Bases de données, matériaux métalliques
Étude des métaux et des alliages
The chemistry of the metallic elements
Porous metals with directional pores
Structural materials and processes in transportation
Biomass Processing over Gold Catalysts
Tungsten Carbides
Factors Governing Tin Whisker Growth
The carcinogenicity of metals
Electromagnetic behaviour of metallic wire structures
Matériaux métalliques
Étude des métaux et des alliages
Advances in organometallic chemistry Volume sixty
Metal transporters
Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) for metals
Mise en forme des métaux
Metal ion in stroke
Biodegradable metals
Interplay between metal ions and nucleic acids
Bio-geo-interactions in metal-contaminated soils
Metals, Culture and Capitalism
Metals and society
Microstructure evolution in metal forming processes
Dictionary of metals
Modélisation et simulation numériques en formage virtuel
Données physico-chimiques sur les métaux et alliages
Comportement mécanique des matériaux
Le dépouillement des métaux
Metal ions in neurological systems
Superplastic forming of advanced metallic materials
Plasticity and creep of metals
Metal nanoparticles in microbiology
Cellular effects of heavy metals
The modelling of radiation damage in metals using ehrenfest dynamics
Metallic micro and nano materials
Metallurgical Process Engineering
Nanostructured metals and alloys
Structural and catalytic roles of metal ions in RNA
History of the iron, steel, tinplate and other trades of Wales
Metallic systems
Materials Chemistry
Microbial biosorption of metals
Exposition de la population française aux substances chimiques de l'environnement Tome 1
Oxide scale behavior in high temperature metal processing
The Physics of Solids
I metalli nel mondo antico
Macromolecular Metal Carboxylates and Their Nanocomposites
Surface magnetism
Métallurgie mécanique
Advanced Materials and Technologies for Micro/Nano-Devices, Sensors and Actuators
Multifunctional metallic hollow sphere structures
Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification, Second Edition
Advances in constitutive relations applied in computer codes
Nucleic acid-metal ion interactions
Fundamentals of creep in metals and alloys
Adsorption of metals by geomedia II
Étude de la plasticité et application aux métaux
Adsorption of metals by geomedia II
Matériaux métalliques
Metal contamination in aquatic environments
Le recyclage Volume 1
High temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals
Environment-induced cracking of materials
Metal nanoclusters in catalysis and materials science
Metallic chains, chains of metals
Metallic chains/chains of metals
Plasticity of cold worked metals
Mechanical behaviour of engineering materials
Assessing the hazard of metals and inorganic metal substances in aquatic and terrestrial systems
Fundamentals of metallic corrosion
Le dépouillement des métaux
Thermo-mechanical processing of metallic materials
Metal fatigue
Sustainable metals management
Commodities and commodity derivatives
Advances in damage mechanics
Métaux et alliages
Bonding theory for metals and alloys
Metallotherapeutic drugs and metal-based diagnostic agents
Point-contact spectroscopy
Metals in society and in the environment
Multiple bonds between metal atoms
Half-metallic alloys
The metal-hydrogen system
Ferroelectric thin films
Hydrogen in Metals I
Hydrogen in Metals II
Smithells metals reference book
Theory of metal forming plasticity
Metallrecycling in der Frühgeschichte
Ferroelectric random access memories
Endommagements et rupture de matériaux
Corrosion induced by low-energy radionuclides
Metallic materials with high structural efficiency
Recrystallization and related annealing phenomena
Couleur métal
Advances in superplasticity and superplastic forming
Matériaux métalliques
Bioavailability, toxicity and risk relationships in ecosystems
Metallic materials
École thématique interdisciplinaire sur la couleur des matériaux, le métal
Corrosion of metals
Polymer films with embedded metal nanoparticles
The theory of transformations in metals and alloys
Determination of metals in natural and treated waters
Les métaux
From Charpy to present impact testing
Metals, metalloids, and radionuclides in the Baltic Sea ecosystem
Thermal properties of metals
Metals and chemical change
Assessing oral bioavailability of metals in soil
Metals, metalloids and radionuclides in the Baltic sea ecosystem
Extraction of metals from soils and waters
Environmental restoration of metals-contaminated soils
Metal fatigue in engineering
Plasticity of metals
Determination of metals and anions in soils, sediments and sludges
Pierre et métal
Zur Erfassung und Auswertung archäologischer Textilien and korrodierten Metall
Modellierung des inelastischen Verhaltens metallischer Werkstoffe
Vieillissement des métaux, céramiques et matériaux granulaires
Metals in the environment
La conservation des métaux
Metal foams
Gilded metals
Phytoremediation of toxic metals
Matériaux métalliques
Les techniques de l'ingénieur M. - MD. - 3
Magnetic dichroism in core-level photoemission
Environmental microbe-metal interactions
La sous-traitance en chiffres
Voyage au monde du métal
Formability of metallic materials
Exotic Kondo effects in metals
Mathematical and physical simulation of the properties of hot rolled products
Advances in damage mechanics
Décolletage, mécanique de précision
Mechanical properties of metals
Impurities in engineering materials
The heavier d-block metals
À la recherche du métal perdu
Metals and genetics
Theory of adiabatic potential and atomic properties of simple metals
Spéciation des métaux dans le sol
Disordered Alloys
Nanostructured materials
Metal metabolism in aquatic environments
Metals as biomaterials
Adsorption of metals by geomedia
Metals handbook
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