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Topic : Beat generation
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Field : Sciences sociales. Sociologie
Littérature générale
Variant subject headings : Beat (italien)
Génération beat

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The Baby Beats & the 2nd San Francisco renaissance

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The Beat generation
Beat generation
Up from the archives
Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat generation

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Beat generation
William S. Burroughs
Les portes de la perception
"No more to say & nothing to weep for"

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Female beatness
Seeing the Beat generation
Hip sublime
Beat generation
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Beat generation
Beat generation
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Une certaine Amérique à lire
Writing Beat and other occasions of literary mayhem
The beats
Text and drugs and rock 'n' roll
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Beat atlas
Capturing the beat moment
Les écrivains de la Beat generation
The Beats
Beat hotel
Kerouac ascending
Le ragazze dei capelloni
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L'existence phénoménale de Jack Kérouac
Beat memories
Modern American counter writing
What was the hipster ?
Naked lens
The beats
A survey of multicultural San Francisco Bay literature, 1955-1979
Beats at Naropa
Straight from the fridge, dad
Io sono come Omero
You'll be okay
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"The requirements of our life is the form of our art"
Beat generation
Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten
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Beat generation
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American scream
Reconstructing the Beats
The Beat goes on
Breaking the rule of cool
Allen Ginsberg
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Emerson's contemporaries and Kerouac's crowd
The Beat generation
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The beat generation
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This is the Beat Generation
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Sur ma route
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Vraie blonde, et autres
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The Beat generation in New York
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Venice west
The San Francisco poetry renaissance, 1955-1960
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Jack Kerouac
Kerouac and friends
The Beat road
Minor characters
The Holy goof
The Beats
Desolate angel
Chronologie des écrivains beats jusqu'en 1969
Naked angels
Pull my daisy
The awakener

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