Topic : Antigènes
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Field : Biologie
Variant subject headings : Antigeni (italien)

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Immunomic discovery of adjuvants and candidate subunit vaccines
Anticarbohydrate antibodies
Development of antibody-based therapeutics
BSL3 and BSL4 agents
Crossroads between innate and adaptive immunity II
The blood group antigen
Antigenic variation
Antigenic variation
Microscopy, immunohistochemistry and antigen retrieval methods
Synthetic peptides as antigens
Bases moléculaires des antigènes des groupes sanguins
Structure of antigens Volume three
Immunoglobulin genes
Structure of antigens Volume one
Dictionnaire des antigènes érythrocytaires immunogènes
Antibodies, antigens, and molecular mimicry
Antibodies, antigens and molecular mimicry
Processing and presentation of antigens
Antigenic variation
Techniques biochimiques d'analyse des antigènes de membrane
IABS-WHO-UCSF Symposium on use and standardization of chemically defined antigens
Synthetic peptides as antigens
Red cell antigens and antibodies
Humoral factors in host defense
The antigens Volume VI
Immunochemical techniques
The antigens Volume V
Ir genes and Ia antigens
The antigens Volume IV
Antigen-antibody reactions in vivo
The antigens Volume II
The antigens Volume I
The Antigens
Transplantation antigens
Blood and tissue antigens
Spécificité sérologique et constitution chimique de quelques antigènes

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