Théorie des jeux

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Topic : Théorie des jeux
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Field : Mathématiques
Variant subject headings : Jeux, Théorie des
Teoria dei giochi (italien)

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Théorie des jeux et des contrats
Game theory, diplomatic history and security studies
Operational research
La théorie des jeux
Game theory and climate change
Théorie des jeux
Théorie des jeux
Économie comportementale
La guerre, la stratégie et la deuxième théorie des jeux au XXIe siècle
Prisoners of reason
Equilibrium theory for Cournot oligopolies and related games
Game theory and its applications
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Game theory with engineering applications
Decision and Game Theory for Security
Chance, strategy, and choice
Social Phenomena
Outlooks and Insights on Group Decision and Negotiation
Operational Research
Introduction to Insurance Mathematics
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Algorithms, probability, networks, and games
Advances in Social Computing and Multiagent Systems
Gems of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms
The prisoner's dilemma
How to talk about videogames
Play it again, Vilem!
Non-cooperative game theory
Fundamentals of Evolutionary Game Theory and its Applications
Formelsammlung Wirtschaftsstatistik
The mathematics of games
La théorie des jeux
Strategy and politics
L'économie expliquée par le foot
Repeated games
Théorie des jeux
Decision and Game Theory for Security
Commodities, energy and environmental finance
An Introduction to Optimal Satellite Range Scheduling
Interest Rate Modeling
Pierre, papier et théorème
Game theory and business applications
Barley, gold, or fiat
Game theoretic approaches for spectrum redistribution
Two-person zero-sum games
Frontiers in gaming simulation
A collection of surveys on market experiments
Decision and game theory in management with intuitionistic fuzzy sets
The Pre-kernel as a tractable solution for cooperative games
Beautiful game theory
Dynamic games in economics
Positional games
Non-additive measures
Proportional Representation
Evolution of the social contract
Finance with Monte Carlo
Internal game theory
Théorie des jeux
Game-theoretical models in biology
Psychology of gaming
Algorithmic game theory
Dilemmes de prisonniers et stratégies dominantes
La théorie des jeux
Moving target defense II
Search theory
Mean field games and mean field type control theory
Logic, rationality, and interaction
Computation, logic, games, and quantum foundations
Approximation and online algorithms
Advances in dynamic games
The interval market model in mathematical finance
Game theory
Economic modeling using artificial intelligence methods
Using game theory to improve safety within chemical industrial parks
Game theory for networks
Network economics and the allocation of savings
Algorithmic game theory
Evolutionary games in complex topologies
Theorien des Computerspiels
Meaningful games
Subgame consistent economic optimization
Game theory for control of optical networks
Advances in dynamic games
Schelling's game theory
Good thinking
An Invitation to Mathematics
Game theory and learning for wireless networks
Decision and Game Theory for Security
Voting paradoxes and group coherence
Fixed point theory in ordered sets and applications
Analyse ausgewählter Problemstellungen der Organisations- und Personalwirtschaft mit Hilfe der kooperativen Spieltheorie
Computers and games
Théorie des jeux et applications
Game theory in the social sciences
The game of cops and robbers on graphs
Language, games, and evolution
Algorithmic game theory
Cooperation and efficiency in markets
La théorie des jeux
Decision and game theory for security
Algorithmic game theory
Logic and the foundations of game and decision theory - LOFT 8
Cooperative lot sizing games in supply chains
Social media marketing
Managerial economics
Quantitative Sociodynamics
The cooperative game theory of networks and hierarchies
Decision-making in committees
Collective decision making
The calculus of selfishness
Von Neumann, Morgenstern and the creation of game theory
Explaining games
Decision Systems and Nonstochastic Randomness
Ordine sociale e teoria dei giochi
An introductory course on mathematical game theory
The bounds of reason
Le dilemme du prisonnier
Game theory evolving
La théorie des jeux
An introduction to decision theory
Experiments in economics
Développez votre stratégie personnelle
The magic circle
The theory of gambling and statistical logic
Path player games
Game theoretic risk analysis of security threats
Advances in dynamic games and their applications
Game theoretic problems in network economics and mechanism design solutions
Markets with transaction costs
Games, groups, and the global good
Structure in complex networks
Fairness in bargaining and markets
Algorithmic Game Theory
Logic, Rationality, and Interaction
Reflexivity in economics
Game theory
Evolution of non-expected utility preferences
Mathematical programming and game theory for decision making
Stabilization, optimal and robust control
Optimal control of nonlinear processes
Models in cooperative game theory
Differential equations, chaos and variational problems
Algorithmic game theory
Mathematics and Politics
Pareto optimality, game theory and equilibria
Game theory
Combinatorial games
Computers and games
Games in economic development
Superior Beings If They Exist How Would We Know?
Algorithmic game theory
Complexity hints for economic policy
Introduction to the theory of cooperative games
Complexity hints for economic policy
Le management stratégique par la théorie des jeux
Playing the waves
Computers and games
MODa 8 - Advances in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis
Game theory
Internet and Network Economics
Advances in dynamic game theory
Game theory
Game theory and linguistic meaning
Communication games
Théorie des jeux
Advances in dynamic game theory
Statistical methods in counterterrorism
Game theory and mathematical economics
Théorie des jeux
Advances in dynamic games
Computers and Games
Games and sport in everyday life
Beyond individual choice
The consistent preferences approach to deductive reasoning in games
Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of Networking (vol. [4235)
Signs of logic
Geometry, language and strategy
Jeux de société
Prediction, learning, and games
Adaptation and evolution in collective systems
Fondements d'une analyse institutionnelle comparée
Agent-Based Modeling Meets Gaming Simulation
Game-theoretic models of bargaining
Models in cooperative game theory
Dynamic Games in Economic Analysis
Moral sentiments and material interests
Advances in Dynamic Games
Advances in dynamic games
Fondements de la théorie axiomatique des jeux dynamiques
Index and stability in bimatrix games
Dynamic games
Evolutionary game theory, natural selection, and darwinian dynamics
Théorie des jeux
Jeux et information
Breve storia della microeconomia
Advances in understanding strategic behaviour
The determinacy of long games
Theory of games and economic behavior
A game theory analysis of options
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