Transfert de chaleur

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Topic : Transfert de chaleur
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Physique
Variant subject headings : Chaleur -- Conduction
Chaleur -- Diffusion
Chaleur -- Propagation
Chaleur -- Transfert
Chaleur -- Transmission
Conduction de la chaleur
Diffusion de la chaleur
Diffusion thermique
Propagation de la chaleur
Transferts thermiques
Transfert thermique
Transmission de la chaleur

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Finite element analysis for heat transfer

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NEGF'18. - 3rd European Conference on non-equilibrium gas flows, 28th of February - 2nd of March 2014, Strasbourg, France. - [2]
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Thermodynamic energy system modelling
The Monte Carlo ray-trace method in radiation heat transfer and applied optics
Transferts thermiques
Energy transfers by conduction
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Echange de chaleur dans les industries chimique, alimentaire et pharmaceutique
Mécanique des sols et des roches
Fluid mechanics and heat transfer
Echanges de chaleur et d'humidité homme-environnement
Advanced thermodynamics for engineers
Les transferts thermiques par l'exemple
Éléments fondamentaux des transferts thermiques
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Heat transfers and related effects in supercritical fluids
Transferts thermiques
The finite element method with heat transfer and fluid mechanics applications
Transferts thermiques
Introduction aux transferts thermiques
Heat transfer physics
Computational fluid dynamics
Radiative heat transfer
Periodic operation of reactors
Thermodiffusion in multicomponent mixtures
Convection in porous media
Heat and mass transfer intensification and shape optimization
Schlieren and shadowgraph methods in heat and mass transfer
Caractérisations thermodynamiques
A textbook for heat transfer fundamentals
The 4th international meeting of advances in thermofluids (IMAT 2011)
Transfert de chaleur
Transferts thermiques
Équations d'états et constantes thermiques
Heat transfer
Welding thermal processes and weld pool behaviors
Heat transfer in multi-phase materials
An introduction to fire dynamics
A first course in heat transfer
Novel concepts in catalysis and chemical reactors
Introduction aux tranferts thermiques
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Théorie analytique de la propagation de la chaleur
Entropy-based design and analysis of fluids engineering systems
Rotary reactor engineering
Computational fluid dynamics
Emerging topics in heat and mass transfer in porous media
Heat conduction
Heat conduction
Introduction aux transferts thermiques
Transport phenomena in fires
Advanced computational methods and experiments in heat transfer X
Écoulements avec échanges de chaleur
Unsichtbares Licht ? Dunkle Wärme? Chemische Strahlen?
JITH 2007
Process heat transfer
Micro et nanothermique
Transferts thermiques dans les procédés de mise en forme des matériaux
Theory of periodic conjugate heat transfer
Heat transfer and hydraulic resistance at supercritical pressures in power-engineering applications
Plate heat exchangers
Discontinuous finite elements in fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Solving direct and inverse heat conduction problems
Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer
Heat pipes
On Moment Theory and Controllability of One-Dimensional Vibrating Systems and Heating Processes
Turbulence in porous media
Convection in porous media
Discontinuous finite elements in fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Free convective heat transfer
Microscale heat transfer
Progress in computational heat and mass transfer
Transferts en milieux hétérogènes
Advances in heat transfer Volume 38
Transferts thermiques
Simulation numérique des transferts thermiques par éléments finis
Numerical simulation of reactive flow in hot aquifers
Introduction aux transferts thermiques
The classical Stefan problem
Transferts thermiques
Radiative heat transfer
The classical Stefan problem
Introduction to thermal systems engineering
Intermediate heat transfer
Boundary value problems of heat conduction
Moment theory and some inverse problems in potential theory and heat conduction
Advances in heat transfer Volume 36
Moment theory and some inverse problems in potential theory and heat conduction
Heat transfer 2002
Thermal nonequilibrium phenomena in fluid mixtures
Radiant heating and cooling handbook
Biological and bioenvironmental heat and mass transfer
Transfert de chaleur
Thermo- and fluid-dynamic processes in diesel engines
Visualization, imaging and data analysis in convective heat and mass transfer
Heat transfer 2002
Principles of convective heat transfer
Handbook of computational fluid mechanics
Heat transfer in industrial combustion
Understanding microwave heating cavities
Engineering heat transfer
Gas turbine heat transfer and cooling technology
Sixth UK National Conference on Heat Transfer
Transferts thermiques
Transferts thermiques, application à l'habitat
Cryogenic heat transfer
Heat transfer enhancement of heat exchangers
Applied optical measurements
Advances in heat transfer
Advances in cold-region thermal engineering and sciences
Heat transfer issues in natural refrigerants
International conference on optical methods and data processing in heat and fluid flow
Transferts thermiques
International encyclopedia of heat & mass transfer
Heat conduction
Turbomachinery fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Heat transfer in nuclear reactor safety
Advanced thermodynamics for engineers
Thermodynamique, diffusion thermique
Advances in heat transfer Volume 30
Heat transfer in condensation
Étude du flux thermique généré par interaction d'ondes de choc sur les mâts d'injection de carburant d'un statoréacteur à combustion supersonique
The finite element method in heat transfer analysis
Transport phenomena in materials processing
Bubbles in polymeric liquids
Flow and heat transfer in rotating-disc systems Volume 2
Transferts thermiques
Computational heat transfer
The boundary element method for solving improperly posed problems
Inverse heat transfer problems
Process heat transfer
Thermal conduction in semiconductors
Heat pipes
Natural convection
Cooling of electronic systems
Energy conversion
Latent heat transfer
Experiments in heat transfer and thermodynamics
Handbook of thermal conductivity of liquids and gases
Convective boiling and condensation
The finite element method in heat transfer and fluid dynamics
Finite difference methods in heat transfer
Conduction heat transfer
Advances in heat transfer [25]
Heat transfer in semitransparent media
Integral transforms in computational heat and fluid flow
Radiative heat transfer
Heat conduction and mass diffusion
Fundamentals of low gravity fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Thermomechanics of evolving phase boundaries in the plane
Principles of enhanced heat transfer
Heat transfer
Convective heat transfer
Heat transfer and fluid flow data book
Heat conduction
Heat transfer augmentation in gas-cooled channels
Introduction to thermal sciences
Heat conduction
Initiation aux transferts thermiques
A general kinetic theory of liquids
Boundary element methods in heat transfer
Thermal radiative properties
Thermal radiative properties
An introduction to heat transfer
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Transport phenomena in heat and mass transfer
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Advances in transport processes in metallurgical systems
Engineering in process metallurgy
Transfert de chaleur et de matière avec changement de phase
Handbook of essential formulae and data on heat transfer for engineers
Transfert de chaleur Tome 3
Thermal radiative properties
Heat transfer in condensation and boiling
Thermal radiative transfer & [and] properties
The Stefan problem
Design formulas for plastics engineers
Cooling techniques for computers
Freezing and melting heat transfer in engineering
Principles of heat transfer in porous media
Advances in heat transfer
Transferts thermiques, applications
Heat transfer in single phase flows
Heat transfer with freezing and thawing
Transfert de chaleur 2
Heat transfer
Unsteady heat and mass transfer in helical tube bundles
Analysis and design of swirl-augmented heat exchangers
Introduction to heat transfer
Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer
Nuclear systems Volume 2
Nuclear systems Volume I
Heat transfer Volume 2
La transmission de la chaleur Volume I. - Tome 2
Heat transfer reviews 1976-1986
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