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Fuel processing and energy utilization
Technology and applications of polymers derived from biomass
Direct thermochemical liquefaction for energy applications
Les ressources du futur issues du monde végétal
Sustainable polymers from biomass
Lignocellulosic fibers and wood handbook
Efficiency of biomass energy
Thermochemical conversion of biomass for the production of energy and chemicals
Lignocellulose biorefinery engineering
Microbial factories
Pretreatment of biomass
Renewable resources for biorefineries
The nexus of biofuels, climate change, and human health
Biorefineries and chemical processes
Transformation of biomass
Evaluation of feasibility of methods to minimize biomass production from biotreatment
The biomass spectrum
Biomass for energy and the environment
Southern ocean ecology
Bioconversion of forest and agricultural plant residues
La production biologique des savanes de Côte-d'Ivoire et son utilisation par l'homme
Biomasse et production phytoplanctoniques dans deux systèmes paraliques d'Afrique de l'Ouest
Biomass Part B
Biomass Part A
Biomass for energy and industry
Panorama des énergies biocombustibles
La Biomasse
Biomasse aquatique et bioconversion directe de l'énergie solaire
Inventaire régional de la biomasse
A Biomass Future for the North American Great Plains

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