Topic : Électrolytes
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Field : Chimie

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Physical chemistry of polyelectrolyte solutions
Electrolytes for lithium and lithium-ion batteries
Photoelectrochemical water splitting
Fluid and electrolytes in pediatrics
Advanced batteries
Solid Electrolytes
Equilibrium properties of aqueous solutions of single strong electrolytes
Transport, relaxation and kinetic processes in electrolyte solutions
Activity coefficients in electrolyte solutions
Solid state ionics
Phase equilibria and phase diagrams of electrolytes [Part] 1
Superionic solids and solid electrolytes
Self-diffusion in electrolyte solutions
The collected papers of Peter J. W. Debye
Thermodynamic and transport properties of aqueous and molten electrolytes
Frei Überführungsenthalpien von Einzelionen aus Wasser in organische Solventien
Solid electrolytes
Statistical Mechanical Theory of the Electrolytic Transport of Non-electrolytes
Nonaqueous electrolytes handbook
Dissociation electrolytique
Vérification expérimentale de la réciproque de la loi de Faraday sur la décomposition des électrolytes

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