Shakers (secte)

Topic : Shakers (secte)
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Field : Religion
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Issachar Bates
Writings of Shaker apostates and anti-Shakers, 1782-1850
Yearning for the new age
Sisters in the faith
"Wo keine Regierung existiert, gibt es keinen Gott"
Shaking the faith
Dance unto the lord
Historical dictionary of the Shakers
Shaker life, art, and architecture
Bodies of life
The Shaker world
John Slocum and the Indian Shaker Church
The Shaker experience in America
An early view of the Shakers
Le Style Shaker
Shaker village views
Shaker communities, Shaker lives
The Four seasons of Shaker life
The Shaker spiritual narrative
The Shakers
An Ordered love

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