Topic : Poudres
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Physique
Variant subject headings : Matériaux pulvérulents
Matières pulvérulentes
Milieux pulvérulents

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Colloque STPMF 2015
4ème Colloque Science et technologie des poudres

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Particle technology and engineering
Particle adhesion and removal
Adsorption by powders and porous solids
Unit operations of particulate solids
Particulate morphology
Poudres et mélanges granulaires
Uniting electron crystallography and powder diffraction
Powder diffraction
Powder diffraction
Particle breakage
Powder technology handbook
Powder diffraction
Energetic materials
Colloque De la poudre au matériau massif
Technologie des pulvérulents dans les IAA
Powder sampling and particle size determination
Crystal structure determinations from powder diffraction data
Structure determination from powder diffraction data
Powders and solids
Characterization of powders and aerosols
Matériaux divisés et poudres en industries alimentaires
Adsorption by powders and porous solids
Behaviour of granular materials
Particle size measurement Volume 2
Powders & grains 97
Powder technology handbook
Particle size measurement Volume 1
Introduction to x-ray powder diffractometry
Fundamentals of ceramic powder processing and synthesis
Advances in particulate materials
Du sac de billes au tas de sable
Principles of powder technology
The shape of powder-particle outlines
Caractérisation des poudres et des céramiques
Powder technology handbook
Powder surface area and porosity
Powder coatings
Powder technology and multiphase systems
Isostatic pressing
The dynamics of fine powders
Handbook of powder technology Volume 8
Dispersing powders in liquids
Principles of powder mechanics

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