Robert Walpole (1676-1745)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Houghton, GB, 26-08-1676
Death : Londres, 18-03-1745
Note :
Homme d'État. - 1er comte d'Orford. - Père d'Horace Walpole (1717-1797)
Variants of the name : Robert Walpoole (1676-1745)
Robert Walpole Orford (comte d', 1676-1745)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2144 8574

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Memoirs of the life and administration of sir Robert Walpole, earl of Orford, with original correspondence and authentic papers... By William Coxe,...
Testament politique du chevalier Walpoole, comte d'Orford et ministre d'Angleterre... with Robert Walpole (1676-1745) as Dubious author
The Conduct of the late administration, with regard to foreign affairs, from 1722 to 1742 with Robert Walpole (1676-1745) as Attributed name
The D----- of A-----e's letter to the right honourable Sir ****** ******* with Robert Walpole (1676-1745) as Addressee
The Case of the bank contract with Robert Walpole (1676-1745) as Attributed name
Some considerations concerning the publick funds
Lettre a Mrs les craftsmen sur les changemens arrivez dans les affaires de l'Europe par la guerre déclarée contre l'empereur. - [1] with Robert Walpole (1676-1745) as Attributed name
Some general considerations concerning the alteration and improvement of publick revenues
A Letter from a member of Parliament to his friends in the country, concerning the duties on wine and tobacco
Observations upon the treaty between the crowns of Great-Britain, France and Spain, concluded at Seville, on the ninth of November, 1729, n. s.
Some reflections upon a pamphlet, called The old Whig
Some persons vindicated against the author of the "Defection", etc. and that writer convicted of malice and falshood. R-- W--, esq.
A Report from the Committee of secrecy, appointed by order of the House of Commons to examine several books and papers laid before the House, relating to the late negotiations of peace and commerce, etc. Reported on the ninth of June 1715 by... Robert Walpole,... Together with an Appendix containing memorials, letters and other papers referred to in the said report...
Rapport du Comité secret, nommé par la Chambre basse du Parlement de la Grande Bretagne, pour faire l'examen des livres et papiers qui roulent sur les négociations de la dernière paix et du traité de commerce etc. Fait le 9. juin v. s., 1715, par... Robert Walpole,... Avec tous les mémoires, lettres secrètes et autres papiers transigés entre les ministres d'Angleterre et ceux de France... Traduit de l'anglais
A Brief account of the debts provided for by the South-Sea act. - [1] with Robert Walpole (1676-1745) as Attributed name
A Letter to a friend concerning the :publick: +public+ debts, particularly that of the navy. - [3]
A State of the five and thirty millions mention'd in a report of a committee of the House of Commons. - [4]

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