Donald Davidson (1917-2003)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Springfield, Mass., 06-03-1917
Death : Berkeley, Calif., 30-08-2003
Note :
Philosophe. - Professeur de philosophie à l'Université de Californie, Berkeley, États-Unis (1981-2003)
Field : Philosophie
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0932 0658

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Donald Davidson's triangulation argument
Neo-Davidsonian metaphysics
A companion to Donald Davidson
A companion to Donald Davidson
A companion to Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson on truth, meaning, and the mental
Donald Davidson's philosophy
Knowledge, language, and interpretation
Donald Davidson's truth-theoretic semantics
Davidson and Spinoza
The essential Davidson
Donald Davidson
Interpretationale Erkenntnistheorie
On Davidson
Quine and Davidson on language, thought and reality
An interpretation and assessment of first-person authority in the writings of philosopher Donald Davidson
Quine, Davidson, le principe de charité
Interpreting Davidson
Interpretations and causes
Donald Davidson
The presence of mind
Wittgenstein on language and thought
Dal punto di vista dell'interprete
Sémantique et vérité
Davidson's theory of truth and its implications for Rorty's pragmatism
Davidsons Philosophie des Mentalen
The unregenerate South
Resources of realism
Verstehen ohne Sprache
Lire Davidson
Davidson et la philosophie du langage
Language, mind and epistemology
Lire Davidson
Mind and world
Sopprimere la lontananza uccide
Donald Davidsons Theorie sprachlichen Verstehens
Reflecting Davidson
Donad Davidson and the mirror of meaning
Donald Davidson
Science et solidarité
Die Wahrheit der Interpretation
Religion, interpretation, and diversity of belief
Donald Davidson's philosophy of language
Truth and interpretation

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