Victoria (Australie)

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Courtesan and countess
Insanity, identity and empire
Victoria at war
Rethinking learning networks
The colonisation of time
German Moravian missionaries in the British colony of Victoria, Australia, 1848-1908
Fantastic dreaming
Reading 'madness'
Henry's Mill
The high way to heaven
A history of Victoria
Youthful imagination
Eye contact
Identity and marginality among new Australians
Neither bad nor mad
The captive white woman of Gipps Land
Forests of ash
Beside the seaside
The French consul's wife
When men kill
The politics of work
The coast of Victoria
Living aboriginal history of Victoria
Romalpa clauses
The bureaucrats' domain
Complex hunter-gatherers
The Demon of discord
Colonial casualities
Aborigines in colonial Victoria, 1835-86
The Aborigines of Victoria

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[Recueil. Photographies positives. Paysages de la région de Kerang (Victoria, Australie)]
[Recueil. Photographies positives. Planches d'un album de voyage aux États-Unis et dans le Pacifique]
[Recueil. Photographies positives. Oeuvre de N. J. Caire]

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