Herbert Read (1893-1968)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Kirbymoorside, GB, 04-12-1893
Death : Stonegrave, GB, 12-06-1968
Note :
Historien d'art, critique et poète
Field : Art
Variant of the name : Herbert Edward Read (1893-1968)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2124 4854

Activities of Herbert Read (1893-1968) (148)

Auteur du texte (68)

La Philosophie de l'art moderne
Le Sens de l'art
Jan Le Witt
The Green child...
The Cult of sincerity
Art and alienation
Henri Matisse
T. S. E., a memoir
Hans Richter
Henry Moore
Histoire de la peinture moderne. ["A Concise history of modern painting". Traduit de l'anglais par Yves Rivière.]
Michael Tippett, a symposium on his 60th birthday, edited by Ian Kemp
A concise history of modern sculpture
A concise history of modern sculpture
The Contrary experience
To hell with culture
Ben Nicholson, peintures
A Letter to a young painter
Art and industry
The Forms of things unknown
Histoire de la peinture moderne. [Concise history of modern painting, traduit de l'anglais par Yves Rivière.]
Lynn Chadwick
A Concise history of modern painting. Herbert Read
Junge Maler der Gegenwart Künstlerhaus Wien, 24. Juli-15. August 1959
The Significance of children's art. Art as symbolic language
The Tenth muse, essays in criticism, by Herbert Read
The art of sculpture
Ben Nicholson. Paintings, reliefs, drawings. ..
The Grass roots of art, lectures on the social aspects of art in an industrial age, by Herbert Read. [3rd edition.]
Icon and idea
Regards sur- Views on Ben Nicholson
Anarchy and order, essays in politics, by Herbert Read
Collected poems, by Herbert Read. [New edition.]
The True voice of feeling, studies in English romantic poetry, by Herbert Read
English prose style
Musée national d'art moderne. Exposition Graham Sutherland
The Philosophy of modern art, collected essays by Herbert Read
Byron, by Herbert Read
Collected essays in literary criticism, by Herbert Read. 2nd edition
Wordsworth... [2nd edition.]
Form in modern poetry
Annals of innocence and experience
The Meaning of art, by Herbert Read. [3rd edition.]
A coat of many colours
A World within a war
The Education of free men, by Herbert Read
Education through art
Education through art
Education through art
The Politics of the unpolitical
Britain at war. Edited by Monroe Wheeler. Text by T. S. Eliot, Herbert Read, E. J. Carter and Carlos Dyer
The Philosophy of anarchism, by Herbert Read
Poetry and anarchism, by Herbert Read. [3rd impression revised.]
Annals of innocence and experience
An Approach to modern art
Art now
The End of a war
The Innocent eye, by Herbert Read
The Sense of glory, essays in criticism, by Herbert Read. [2nd edition.]
Ambush, by Herbert Read
Julien Benda and the new humanism, by Herbert Read
Staffordshire pottery figures, by Herbert Read,...
Phases of English poetry
English stained glass, by Herbert Read,...
Mutations of the phoenix
Eclogues, a book of poems. Herbert Read. [Cover and decorations by Ethelbert White.]
Naked warriors, by Herbert Read
The surrealist object

Préfacier (51)

Henry Moore
Henry Moore
The Flea of Sodom
Le Livre d'art 5
Le Livre d'art 7
Le Livre d'art 3
Le Livre d'art 8
Le Livre d'art 10
Le Livre d'art 4
Le Livre d'art
Le Livre d'art 6
Le Livre d'art 2
Le Livre d'art 9
Le Livre d'art 1
Marino Marini
The demands of art
Le Musée dans l'usine
S. W. Hayter. New ways of gravure
The Gregory fellows
Peter Stuyvesant collectie
Stravinsky and the dance
Stravinsky and the dance
Naum Gabo
L'Art du vitrail en Angleterre
[Comité des arts du] Congrès pour la liberté de la culture. Antagonismes
English stained glass
Henrion, designing things symbols
Musée national d'art moderne. Kenneth Armitage, S. W. Hayter, William Scott
Musée national d'art moderne. Kenneth Armitage, S. W. Hayter, William Scott
A Search for man's sanity, the selected letters of Trigant Burrow, with biographical notes. Prepared by the editorial committee of the Lifwynn Foundation... Foreword by Sir Herbert Read
Gabo, constructions, sculpture, paintings, drawings, engravings... Introductory essays by Herbert Read and Leslie Martin. [Selected writings of Naum Gabo.]
The Gothic flame, being a history of the Gothic novel in England, its origins, efflorescence, disintegration and residuary influences, by Devrendra P. Varma,... [Foreword by Herbert Read.]
Ben Nicholson Volume 2
Henry Moore
Australia. Aboriginal paintings. Arhheim Land
Chinese calligraphy, an introduction to its aesthetic and technique by Chiang Yee, with a foreword by Sir Herbert Read...
Peintures aborigènes
A Dictionary of symbols
The Works of man, by Lisle March Phillipps,... Introduction by Herbert Read
Exposition Henry Moore
S. W. Hayter. New ways of gravure
Ben Nicholson
Henry Moore, sculpture and drawings. With an introduction by Herbert Read. [Essays by Henry Moore. 2nd edition.]
Principles of national planning
"L'Ecole de Paris"
The Silent traveller
The International surrealist exhibition...
Paul Eluard. Thorns of thunder, selected poems. With a drawing by Pablo Picasso. Edited by George Reavey. Translated from French by Samuel Beckett, Denis Devlin, David Gascoyne, Eugene Jolas, Man Ray, George Reavey... [Etc. Preface by Herbert Read.]

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The surrealist object

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Paintings of D. H. Lawrence

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Dans les flammes

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Herbert Read
Herbert Read reassessed
The Last modern
Herbert Read
Herbert Read
Annals of innocence and experience

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