Centre international des sciences mécaniques

Creation : 06-12-1968
Variants of the name : Centre international des sciences de la mécanique
International center for mechanical sciences
International centre for mechanical sciences (anglais)

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Advanced dynamics and control of structures and machines
Manipulation and control of jets in crossflow
Boundary element advances in solid mechanics
Modern problems of structural stability
AMST'02 advanced manufacturing systems and technology
Deployable structures
Creep and damage in materials and structures
Shape memory alloys
Protection of the architectural heritage against earthquakes
Mechanics of musical instruments
Advanced methods for groundwater pollution control
Passive and active vibration control in civil engineering
Static and dynamic fracture mechanics
Waves and instabilities in plasmas
Modeling of defects and fracture mechanics
Evaluation of global bearing capacities of structures
The evaluation of materials and structures by quantitative ultrasonics
Bifurcation and stability of dissipative systems
Progress in computational analysis of inelastic structures
Shape and layout optimization of structural systems and optimality criteria methods
Modelling macroscopic phenomena at liquid boundaries
Adaptive signal processing
Advanced problems in bridge construction
Reliability problems
Nonlinear fracture mechanics
Geometries, codes and cryptography
Crack dynamics in metallic materials
Kinetic theory and gas dynamics
Rotordynamics 2
Continuum damage mechanics
Stochastic methods in structural dynamics
Case histories in offshore engineering
Hydrodynamics of lakes
Dynamics of high-speed vehicles
Examples to extremum and variational principles in mechanics
Dynamics of flexible spacecraft
Photoelasticity in theory and practice
Plasticité classique et viscoplasticité
Random vibrations
Application of holography and hologram interferometry to photoelasticity
Optimal filtering
Approximate analysis of stochastic processes in mechanics
Introduction to gasdynamics of explosions
Theory of micropolar elasticity
Extremum and variational principles in mechanics
Gas-lubricated bearings of gyroscopes
Irreversible thermodynamics of continuous media
Critical speeds of gyroscopes
A survey of algebraic coding theory
International centre for mechanical sciences

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Collective dynamics from bacteria to crowds
Dynamic localization phenomena in elasticity, acoustics, and electromagnetism
Wave propagation in linear and nonlinear periodic media
Mechanics and electrodynamics of magneto-and electro-elastic materials
Damage mechanics and micromechanics of localized fracture phenomena in inelastic solids
Dynamical inverse problems
Romansy 18
New trends in thin structures
New trends in vibration based structural health monitoring
Pattern formation at interfaces
Advanced nonlinear strategies for vibration mitigation and system identification
Advanced design of mechanical systems
Computational and experimental mechanics of advanced materials
Analysis and control of mixing with an application to micro and macro flow processes
Advances in constitutive relations applied in computer codes
Dynamic methods for damage detection in structures
Classical and advanced theories of thin structures
Dynamical systems, wave-based computation and neuro-inspired robots
Modern testing techniques for structural systems
Preferences and similarities
Simulation techniques for applied dynamics
Waves in nonlinear pre-stressed materials
Advanced earthquake engineering analysis
Moving interfaces in crystalline solids

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