Bert-Wolfgang Schulze

Country : Allemagne
Language : allemand
Note :
Écrit aussi en anglais
Mathématicien. - En poste à l'Institut de mathématiques Karl-Weierstrass, Berlin, Allemagne (en 1991)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2126 7685

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Crack theory and edge singularities
Quantization methods in differential equations
Differential equations on singular manifolds
Boundary value problems and singular pseudo-differential operators
Pseudo-differential operators, singularities, applications
Pseudo-differential boundary value problems, conical singularities and asymptotics
Pseudo-differential operators on manifolds with singularities

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Pseudo-differential operators
Partial differential equations
Pseudo-differential calculus and mathematical physics
Surveys on analysis, geometry and mathematical physics

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Schrödinger operators, Markov semigroups, wavelet analysis, operator algebras

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