Thomas Carre (1599-1674)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1599
Death : Paris, 31-10-1674
Note :
A aussi traduit du français en anglais
Prêtre. - Procureur du collège anglais à Douai
Variants of the name : Thomas Carraeus (1599-1687)
M. C. (1599-1674)
Miles Car (1599-1674)
Miles Pinkeney (1599-1674)
Miles Pinkney (1599-1674)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8118 2854

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Pietas parisiensis, or a short description of the pietie and charitie commonly exercised in Paris... by Thomas Carre,...
Thomas de Kempis a seipso restitutus, una cum repetitionibus Thomae Carraei... [Cum praefatione Gabr. Naudaei.]
Occasionall discourses...
Occasionnall Discourses : °1 of worship and prayer to angells and saints ; °2 of purgatorie ; °3 of the popes supremacie ; °4 of the succession of the Church had with doctor Cosens... by Thomas Carre,... as also an answer to a libell written by the said doctor Cosens against the great generall councell of Lateran... by Thomas Vane,...

Traducteur (3)

Meditations and prayers of the life, passion, resurrection and ascension of Our Saviour Jesus-Christ, written in Latine by Thomas of Kempis,... and englished by Thomas Carre,...
The principall points of the faith of the catholick church defended...
A Treatise of the love of God, written in French by B. Francis de Sales,... Translated into English by Miles Car,... 18th edition

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Pietas parisiensis, or A short description of the pietie and charitie comonly exercised in Paris...

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