Satinder Ahuja

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Note :
Chimiste. - En poste au Development department, Pharmaceuticals division, CIBA-CEIGY corporation, Suffern, New York, USA (en 1992)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0859 6409

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Éditeur scientifique (19)

Chemistry and water
Food, energy, and water
Water reclamation and sustainability
Novel solutions to water pollution
Handbook of modern pharmaceutical analysis
Arsenic contamination of groundwater
Capillary electrophoresis methods for pharmaceutical analysis
HPLC method development for pharmaceuticals
Modern instrumental analysis
Handbook of isoelectric focusing and proteomics
Handbook of pharmaceutical analysis by HPLC
Handbook of modern pharmaceutical analysis
Handbook of modern pharmaceutical analysis
Handbook of bioseparations
Chiral separations
Chromatography of pharmaceuticals
Chiral separations by liquid chromatography
Chromatography and separation chemistry
Ultratrace analysis of pharmaceuticals and other compounds of interest

Auteur du texte (7)

Monitoring water quality
Handbook of water purity and quality
Chromatography and separation science
Chiral separations by chromatography
Impurities evaluation of pharmaceuticals
Trace and ultratrace analysis by HPLC
Selectivity and detectability optimizations in HPLC

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Modern instrumental analysis

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