Topic : Diffraction
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Field : Physique
Variant subject headings : Diffrazione (italien)

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Mathematical modeling in diffraction theory
The method of the generalised Eikonal
Principles of optics for engineers
Structure of materials
Theory of diffraction
Diffraction radiation from relativistic particles
Diffraction at the nanoscale
Powder diffraction
Designer surfaces
Diffraction theory
Structure of materials
Powder diffraction
Numerical and Asymptotic Techniques in Electromagnetics
Diffraction analysis of the microstructure of materials
High-energy particle diffraction
Methods for computer design of diffractive optical elements
The basics of crystallography and diffraction
Introduction to diffraction in materials science and engineering
Characterization of amorphous and crystalline rough surface
Diffraction des rayonnements
Defect and microstructure analysis by diffraction
Introduction à la physique des matériaux
Introduction à la physique des matériaux
Inverse Problems of Wave Propagation and Diffraction
Diffractive optics and optical microsystems
Diffractive optics for industrial and commercial applications
Perturbation theory for the Schrödinger operator with a periodic potential
Diffraction by wedges
Diffraction physics
Fourier series and optical transform techniques in contemporary optics
Hybrid optics for space applications
Diffraction d'un champ acoustique à caractère aléatoire par un cylindre infini
Tables of scattering functions for spherical particles
Diffraction effects in semiclassical scattering
Équations intégrales espace-temps pour le système de Maxwell
Calcul de la SER d'un corps de révolution en haute fréquence
Scattering and diffraction in physical optics
Introduction to the uniform geometrical theory of diffraction
Diffraction physics
Spectroscopic and diffraction techniques in interfacial electrochemistry
Diffraction par des ouvertures et par des objets tridimensionnels, application à la mesure des impédances de surface des matériaux bons conducteurs
Diffraction d'une onde acoustique sous-marine par une houle plane simple
Diffraction from materials
Guiding, diffraction, and confinement of optical radiation
Guiding, diffraction & [and] confinement of optical radiation
Diffraction methods for biological macromolecules Part A
Exercices d'optique de Fourier
The boundary-layer method in diffraction problems
Diffraction from materials
Computed electron micrographs and defect identification
Radar, sonar, and holography
An introduction to the theory of diffraction
X-ray and neutron diffraction
Interprétation des diagrammes de diffusion électronique appliquée à la métallographie
Diffraction des rayons cathodiques

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