Ernest William Brown (1866-1938)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 29-11-1866
Death : 22-07-1938
Note :
Spécialiste en mécanique céleste. - Fut professeur de mathématiques au Haverford college et à l'Université de Yale. - Membre de la Royal society of London (médaille royale en 1914) et de la National academy of sciences (médaille Watson en 1937)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8382 2288

Activities of Ernest William Brown (1866-1938) (14 resources in

Textual works (14)

Tables for the development of the disturbing fonction with schedule for harmonie analysis, by Ernest W. Brown, and Dirk Brouwer
Theory of the eighth satellite of Jupiter, by Ernest W. Brown
Complement to the tables of the motion of the moon containing the remainder terms for the century 1800-1900, and errata in the tables, by Ernest W. Brown, with the assistance of H. B. Hedrick
The Evidence for changes in the rate of rotation of the Earth and their geophysical consequences, with a summary and discussion of the deviations of the Moon and Sun from their gravitational orbits, by Ernest W. Brown,...
Theory of the Trojan group of asteroids... by Ernest W. Brown,...
Tidal Oscillations in Halemaumau, the lava pit of Kilanea, by Ernest W. Brown
The Development of the sciences, by Ernest William Brown, Henry Andrews Bumstead, John Johnston, Frank Schlesinger, Herbert Ernest Gregory, Lorande Loss Woodruff. Edited by L. L. Woodruff
A simple and inexpensive apparatus for tidal analysis, by Ernest W. Brown,... (Contributions from the mathematical department of Yale University...)
On the Effects of certain magnetic and gravitational forces on the motion of the moon, by Ernest W. Brown
The inequalities in the motion of the moon due to the direct action of the planets
Theory of the motion of the Moon, containing a new calculation of the expressions for the co-ordinates of the Moon in terms of the time, by Ernest W. Brown,...
Transactions of the American mathematical society... Vol. I [-II] with Ernest William Brown (1866-1938) as Editor
An Introductory Treatise on the lunar theory, by Ernest W. Brown,...
Transactions of the American mathematical Society... with Ernest William Brown (1866-1938) as Editor

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