John Blow (1648?-1708)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1648
Death : 01-10-1708
Note :
Compositeur, organiste et théoricien de la musique. - Baptisé le 23 février 1649
Field : Musique
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1071 8102

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Almand. - [21]
Almand. - [21]
Corant. - [22]
Corant. - [22]

Auteur du texte (2)

Begin the song. Ode on S.t Cecilia's day 1684. Words by John Oldham, John Blow.... [For S. A. T. B. soloists, chorus, strings and continuo. Reduction chant et piano. Edited from original scores by H. Watkins Shaw]
A General History of music from the earliest ages to the present period, to which is prefixed a dissertation on the music of the ancients, by Charles Burney,...

Compositeur de l'œuvre adaptée (1)

Five songs from "Harmonia sacra"

Autre (1)

Amphion anglicus. A work of many compositions for one, two three and four voices with several accompagnements of instrumental musick and a thorow-bass to each song : figur'd for an organ, harpsichord, or theorboe-lute by Dr. John Blow...

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The Secular music of John Blow
Dr. John Blow

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John Blow
John Blow

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John Blow and his pupils John Barrett and John Reading

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