Bryn Mawr (Pennsylvanie, États-Unis)

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Argonautika, book 3
Anonymous Life of Aesop
The Homeric hymn to Aphrodite
Muggs presents soul assassins II
Muggs presents soul assassins II
Muggs presents soul assassins II
Figgas 4 life
Figgas 4 life
Ticketed bookbindings from nineteenth-century Britain
Orchestral excerpts for flute
Sonata, op. 47
The Shorter homeric hymns
Variations on a cantus
Moses and the Golden Age
The Homeric Hymn to Hermes
Bookbinding in America, 1680-1910
A book of simple toys
The Homeric hymn to Apollo
The Homeric hymn to Demeter
The Die is cast
Three places in New England
I am Rose
Of what use are old books?
Organ book
The Hexachord and its relation to the 12-tone row, by George Rochberg
Original elements in the French and German Passion plays, a study of the Passion scenes, a dissertation... by Hadassah Posey Goodman
Geology of the Mt. Gausta region in Telemark, Norway, a dissertation presented to the Faculty of Bryn Mawr College... for the degree of doctor of philosophy, by Dorothy Wyckoff...
The Relation of Carlyle to Kant and Fichte, by Margaret Storrs, a dissertation...
A Boundary value problem of ordinary self-adjoint differential equations with singularities. A dissertation... by Marion Cameron Gray
Pre-romanesque churches of Spain, by Georgiana Goddard King,...
A set of pieces for theatre or chamber orchestra
Vox clamans in deserto

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