The Bibliothèque nationale de France [the French national Library] guides you through its resources, by editing reference record cards about authors, works and subjects.

These record cards are meant to be easily used for quick and succinct researches. They only cover a tiny proportion of the authors and books of the BnF: just a few thousand pages.
For further researches we advise you to use more comprehensive sources, which cover millions of works, such as:

Data.bnf.fr web pages aim at helping Internet users to find what they are looking for easily. They replace neither the scientist's knowledge, nor the detailed inventories precision.

As these pages are automatically created, mistakes may appear. Don't hesitate to bring them to our attention. The site will gradually offer more pages and try to improve their quality.

For further information:

RDF and data model in data.bnf.fr (in English): how to retrieve our data