Geoffrey Keating (1570?-1644?)

Pays : Irlande
Langue : irlandais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : 1570
Mort : 1644
Note :
Domaines : Histoire
Autre forme du nom : Seathrún Céitinn (1570?-1644?)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 6118 932X

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Trí bior-ghaoithe an bháis
The History of Ireland
The three shafts of Death...
The Three shafts of death") of Rev. Geoffrey Keating. The Irish text, edited, with glossary and appendix, by Robert Atkinson,...
"Forus feasa air Éirinn" ; Keating's History of Ireland. Book I. Part I. Edited with Gaelic text (from a ms. of T. C. D.), literal translation, explanation of Gaelic idioms, complete vocabulary, etc., by P. W. Joyce,...
A general history of Ireland... collected by the learned Jeoffry Keating,... Faithfully translated from the original Irish language by Dermo'd O'Connor,... The 3d edition. With an appendix... collected from the remarks of the learned Dr. Anthony Raymond,...

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The world of Geoffrey Keating

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