Hans Nathan (1910-1989)

Land : États-Unis
Sprache : anglais
Geschlecht : masculin
Geburt : 05-08-1910
Tod : 04-08-1989
Anmerkung :
A aussi écrit en allemand
Musicologue. - En poste, Michigan State University (1946-1981). - D'origine allemande
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8412 4983

Activities of Hans Nathan (1910-1989) (18)

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William Billings
Dan Emmett and the rise of early Negro minstrelsy
A History of song, edited by Denis Stevens. [The Middle Ages, by Gilbert Reaney, the Renaissance, by Denis Stevens, the modern period, by David Cox, Arthur Jacobs, Gerald Abraham, tc]
The twelve-tone compositions of Luigi Dallapiccola
Early banjo tunes and American syncopation
Il Senso della storia nell'interpretazione musicale
The Sense of history in musical interpretation
The Sense of history in musical interpretation
The sense of history in musical interpretation
Autograph letters of musicians at Harvard [avec catal. de la collection Heath, par Frances Fink]
Negro impersonation in eighteenth century England
Das Rezitativ der Frühopern Richard Wagners. (Ein Beitr. z. Stilistik d. Opernrezitativs in d. 1. Hälfte d. 19. Jhs.)

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Israeli folk music
The Singing master's assistant
The Continental harmony, containing a number of anthems, Fuges and chorusses, in several parts, never before published, composed by William Billings,... [A 4 v.]. [Reproduction anastatique] edited by Hans Nathan

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'twill nebber do to gib it up so. - [30]
What o' dat. - [26]

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Dan Emmett and the rise of early negro minstrelsy

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